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        Nanyang Xinda Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. is located in Nanyang, a famous historical and cultural city with profound cultural background and beautiful mountains and rivers.

        The company integrates R & D, production, sales and service, and is committed to providing global customers with a one-stop shopping experience for all aspects of pre-sales, sales and after-sales.

        The company's products involve more than ten kinds of road construction machinery equipment such as mandatory asphalt mixing equipment, drum asphalt mixing equipment, asphalt recycling equipment, mobile asphalt mixing equipment, stabilized soil plant mixing equipment, concrete mixing equipment, etc. , Has been sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world, won the unanimous praise of overseas customers.

        The company's product quality is excellent, and it has passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, as well as European CE certification and Russian CU-TR (GOST) certification.

        Professional service engineer team visits irregularly every year in more than 20 countries around the world, ready to provide perfect after-sales service to overseas customers at any time. 

        • 2003


        • 17


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        • 1000+


        • 與國家建筑技術研究院緊密合作,開發新產品和提高質量方面取得了實質性進展


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          1-404 City Spring Garden, Tianshan Road, Nanyang, Henan, China

        南陽信達機電有限公司,專營 水泥混凝土攪拌設備 穩定土廠拌設備 瀝青混合料再生設備 筒式瀝青混合料攪拌設備 強制式瀝青混合料攪拌設備 等業務,有意向的客戶請咨詢我們,聯系電話:13837786702

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